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The DC-Car decoder has a number of automatic features built in. The functions are controlled by 2 magnets located in the road surface. As a receiver, an optional Hall sensor must be installed under the cars.

The following automatic features are available:

  1. The flashing lights are switched on when the first magnet passes, and the second is switched off again.
  2. Bus stop. When passing the first magnet, the bus slows down and indicates direction to the right to signal that it is going to stop at a bus stop.

When passing the second magnet, the bus stops and any lights are turned on.

After the set wait time expires, the left direction indicator goes on and the bus leaves again. After some time, the left direction indicator goes out again.

All parameters are by CVs adjustable.

By indicating in the decoder what type of vehicle it is, it is determined whether and how the vehicle should react to the magnets. Another variant of the bus stop function is eg. a garbage truck that drives from house to house and stops everywhere. To this end, two magnets are applied under the road surface for each house.