Until further notice, all workshops and exhibitions are suspended due to the coronavirus. Of course our webshop is just open and you can reach us via info@miniatuura.nl or tel. 0630172543!

Welcome at MiniatuurA.nl!!

MiniatuurA has specialized in moving vehicles on the layout since 2011. After the “discovery” of the DC-Car system, we started informing fellow hobbyists through the model railway forum Benlux Spoor.net. Soon there was a need for more information, which led to organizing workshops. Which again resulted in starting our webshop. We have now grown into a specialist that sells products worldwide that in one way or another have a link with animations on the layout. The most important are the moving vehicles: cars, buses but also the trams!

DC-Car products are unique in our range. This system makes it possible for vehicles to drive autonomously and to find their way on the layout by means of, among other things, the infrared anti-collision system. Central to this is that a lot of animation can be made with few technical means. For the technicians under you: the DC-Car system can also be controlled via DCC central and / or computer, but this is not a must …!

MiniatuurA is supported by a number of volunteers. We are very grateful to them for their efforts. Together we help you, as a model builder, to further increase your skills and knowledge through our workshops, products and knowledge. We wish you lots of fun modeling!

With kind regards, Jan Heimensen