DC07-A Trailer decoder


DC07-A Trailer decoder. For use with 3,6V batteries


This decoder is ment as trailer decoder and makes it possible to drive with a two / three-wire connection between the tractor and trailer. The decoder uses its own trailer battery:> 3,6Volt (two-wire connection) or the voltage from the tractor decoder (three-wire connection).
The decoder can be connected via the update connector of the tractor so that the trailer remains detachable. 

If the trailer also has a update connector, you then can conect with a coppling cable, the decoder is in that case also programmable and updateable.

This decoder can also be used for the wireless trailer by making use of the IRVA module. Here the communucatie between the tractor and trailer is wireless. 

The wiring diagrams can be found here: Aansluitingen.pdf

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