DC07-SI set for lorry


Set DC07-SI decoder specially for the conversion of a lorry, incl. connected LEDs


 DC07-SI 1.2 to 2.4 Volt output approximately 4 Volt

The set includes the following components:

The DC07-SI decoder board with integrated voltage converter and IR receiver

On the front:

  • 2 Photo Transistors 0603 receivers for the Anti-Collision System
  • 2 white LEDs for the headlights
  • 2 yellow LEDs for the indicators

On the back on a small board:

  • 2 Yellow LEDs for the indicators
  • 2 red LEDs for brake lights
  • 2 red LEDs for the rear lights
  • 2 IR LEDs for Anti-Collision System

The parts are all connected by means of enamel wire. A test drive can therefore can be made quickly.

If options are recommended:

For addressing the built-in automatic function:

HG1 Hall sensor (for installation in the lorry) and 2x magnet 5x3 mm (for installation in the street)


A function module with IR LEDs for lighting control, direction and speed,

and / or

DCC system with Progset: IR LEDs for controlling the vehicle by DCC station or by PC software.


DCC central DC-Car Booster with IR LEDs for long-distance control over several meters with optional PC control, the LCIR is needed in the veehicle.


PC Transmittor with IR LEDs for long-distance control over several meters directly from a PC, the LCIR is needed in the vehice.

The wiring diagrams can be found here:  Aansluitingen.pdf

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