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Magnetic wire (3x 1 meter)

The one and only, now more flexible!!

Price €5.37

Hall sensor HG1

Price €1.24

Wheel with tires FA163101

Wheel with tires FA163101 2 pieces

Price €5.79

Hall sensor for feedback with magnetic wire

Hallsensor  (Part number: 10100)

New design: easier to implement.

Price €3.93

DC07-SI set for bus

Price €72.31

DC07-SI set for lorry

Price €72.31

Faller road marking decal

Price €2.94

Accu NiMH 1,2 Volt/200 mAh Oval with solder tags

With solder tags

Price €4.55

Lighting bar wide, wired

26 mm wide, with wires and LEDs

Price €13.88

Charger connector 3-pins NiMH (Faller)

Charge connector for NiMH batteries

Price €0.41

Update plug 8-pin

1 piece

Price €2.31

Delineator post with IR LED

1 Piece

Price €4.13

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