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The DC-Car PC transmitter allows you to control the DC-Car cars directly from a PC.

Why was the PC transmitter developed?

When Claus Ilchmann first used WinDigiPet, he saw that there was a special interface for cars. This interface is intended for Infracar cars, a system that also works with infrared but has much less possibilities than the DC-Car system. Immediately Claus wondered how he could make this software work with the DC-Car cars. Since the protocol of Infracar is freely accessible, the development was immediately started with the result of the PC transmitter. The operation is similar to that of the DCC Booster, however, the steering of the booster is now done directly by the PC instead of. the digital central with DCC protocol.

What is needed for long-distance steering. PC transmitter?

The PC transmitter works with the DC04, DC05 und DC06 decoder (Firmware as of January 2009) for this purpose, the optional TSOP7000 receiver must be connected to the serial input of the decoder. To work with the PC transmitter, cv21 has to be programmed value 8.

What else is needed to work with the PC transmitter?

  • 12-16 Volt acs changed voltage.
  • A PC with serial port (RS 232) or a <a href="../../prestashop/product.php?id_product=357">USB to serial adapter</a> if no serial port is available
  • Optional: Infrared connection sets consisting of resistance connector and 5 IR Transmitter LEDs


The easiest is to use the WinDigiPet software. It creates its own power plant. Then connect the PC transmitter to the serial port and drive it.

The resistances R4-R8 are 2 Watts and are the front-gear resistances for the infrared LEDs

The value can be determined experimentally and depends on the infrared LEDs used Example:

With an LED that can be loaded with 100mA, the resistance is 220 Ohm.

With a chain of 5 LEDs, the resistance becomes 100 Ohm.

As a transmitter LED, any infrared LED that has a wavelength 870-890nm can be used. For LEDs with a wavelength of 940nm, the range is reduced by half.

For the best range we recommend the LEDs from our webshop. You will also find the pc transmitter's kit and optional extension sets for IR LEDs.

For programming the CVs without DCC central, a CV programmer print is available with or without 8-fold cost charger for the batteries.